Psy-dreamer.com is the personal domain of one Jess Green, who works IRL as a web developer. The site features a number of subjects from PHP scripts, web design and graphics tutorials to (upcoming) 3D graphics using Poser and tools.

This site picks up where Jess originally left off back in the summer of 2005, back before school and life distracted from what was important.

The original Psy-dreamer.com site ran on Textpattern, then WordPress, and eventually Mambo/Joomla before going back to WordPress, and then eventually being abandoned with content moved to other sites.

One goal of Psy-dreamer.com is to resurrect some of the tutorials and projects that were in existence 12 years ago, hopefully with the help of the Internet Wayback Machine.

Finally, Psy-dreamer.com is powered by Laravel and Voyager (GASP! not WordPress?!?).